We offer a unique perspective

Kindergym Victoria is different and unique. We have 20 years experience delivering movement and music programs, specialist Kindergym gymnastics and movement equipment from Denmark & Germany specifically designed for babies to 5 year olds and unaccompanied signing and music presented from a Kodály music perspective. The novel hand-held apparatus and props we utilise are specifically designed for maximum engagement and include high quality items such as Remo Lynn Kleiner instruments and Folkmanis puppets.


Our guiding education values include:

lynn kleiner drums
  • child-led discovery and an emergent curriculum
  • responding to individual child’s interests and unique abilities
  • providing an inclusive learning environment in which children feel safe, accepted and engaged
  • educators work to scaffold, model and apply intentional and responsive teaching strategies
  • incorporating high quality hand-held apparatus
  • supporting development of fine and gross motor skills
  • enhancing musical aptitude and language development
  • building healthy and connected communities
  • minimising our footprint on the planet!


Our Corporate Responsibilities

social responsibility

Social Responsibility

Kindergym Victoria believes that it has a duty to provide social assistance to those who need our help and understanding. As part of this responsibility, the business supports a number families to attend the Kindergym programs.

Kindergym Victoria has also played an integral role the development of Kindergym in Indonesia through, mentoring, training and support since 2012.


Responsibility to the Environment

At Kindergym Victoria we are equally concerned about our impact on the environment and have taken steps to reduce our carbon footprint. These initiatives include...

  • the use of car share through Go Get
  • reduction in paper usage through electronic information in preference to paper
  • consumable products used on site are sourced through the following companies: whogivesacrap.org, thankyou.co, AGL Green Choice Energy and Ecostore.
  • use of recycled materials in our purchases and in our program,
  • exploring alternative means of procuring an item, rather than just purchasing new
  • Ensuring that our equipment and tools are cleaned with child safe, biodegradable products from Ecostore.

Last by not least, we recycle, and compost all green waste from our Seaford and Dandenong North facility. We have both chickens and worms that are quite eager participants in disposals of organic waste!


Ethical Behaviour

At Kindergym Victoria we understand that it is our responsibility to ensure our managers and staff act and carry out their duties ethically with due care and respect - with a high sense of fairness and understanding to our staff, our clients, our suppliers and members of the public.

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