We absolutely love Kindergym! Being a part of the Kindergym community has benefits beyond the session times. The relaxed and inclusive environment allows parents to form friendships and make connections with others. The Kindergym community is always welcoming and supportive of each member and their family. Its a lovely place to spend time each week. Lisa is kind, gentle and understanding. She treats each child as an individual and is always respectful of each child's preferences. I can see the absolute delight on his face when I tell him its a Kindergym day.

- Kate Hall

My 16 month old has been attending Kindergym since he was 5 months old and absolutely loves it. Its great for both his physical and social development. The kids are allowed to explore the high quality equipment at their own pace and pursue activities that capture their interest. It is a friendly and supportive environment and its great to catch up with other families for a tea or coffee after class.

- Libby O'Brien

My nearly 4 year old has been going here since he was a baby. Loves every minute of it.

- Kim Boekhorst

Lisa is a lovely, personable kindergym leader who continues to work hard to engage each child week in, week out. She is an expert in child development and has the warm approach of a mentor, more than happy to help with anything child related and lots more!

- Jess Mesley

Kindergym Victoria is fantastic! We love taking our little one each week. Great set up, equipment and coaches. We love the way each child can work at their own level, personalised learning at its best!

- Tim Thompson

When our 18 month old boy was getting bored with swimming we wanted an activity that would harness and encourage his increased mobility and adventure taking. Kindergym has been wonderful for him to learn to coordinate and use his body in a fun , adventurous but safe way. I also have a baby to care for in class and Lisa is very accomodating and supportive, and jumps in to help lend a hand with my toddler when the baby needs me. I would, and have, recommend(ed) Kindergym to families as a great activity to send your little ones to.

- Rachael Flack

Lisa runs such a fun and educational program that kids love!

- Lara Vatta

Lisa has an amazing awareness of children: knowing just when to scaffold their exploration, and when to give them space. Her high-octave singing, engaging presence and gorgeous instruments and 'toys' mesmerise them during the group time that bookends each session. I especially love that the set-up and theme is rotated each fortnight, as the wonder of discovery is reinvoked each time!

- Amy Stace-Smith

This program has been AMAZING for both my super active 4yo and quieter 2.5yo. Both Lisa and Laura are fantastic and really take their cues from the kids to conduct a super fun, interactive and educational program. Highly recommend!

- Candice Pribil

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