"He's just so happy it's a Kindergym day!"

Kindergym Victoria has been running mobile Kindergym music and movement classes in the Early Childhood Learning Centres including kindergartens and child care centres since 2001. We run specialist baby classes (4 months) through to pre-school children.

 3 and 4 year old kindergarten programs available are:

  • Kindergym, music and movement sessions: Our out-door equipment set-ups combined with music and movement group times are age appropriate, challenging, yet safe, novel ideas developing gross and fine motor skills and building body strength.


  • Movement and Music session: These sessions are group time based and cover a wide range of activities from musical instruments, puppets, small hand apparatus such as scarves, hoops, balls, etc. Children are wired to learn through play, so using  our toolkit of musical games, songs and the child’ natural desire to explore and play we  foster musical aptitude, language development, social and personal skills.


ELC Staff love Kindergym day, as our friendly staff provide an opportunity to learn news skills and ideas, and parents love Kindergym Day as their kids can't wait to get there!

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