Babies: 4 months to 18 months

We see babies are active learners too!

Kindergym Victoria's babies program actively engages and stimulates babies through sensory play and repetition. Our dynamic music and movement program is based upon the theory that when children are provided with sensory input to well connected brain pathways, they are able to better regular their motor output and demonstrate their true potential. We provide age appropriate activities for babies from 4 months through to 18 months.

Our aim is also to help you develop knowledge, confidence and new skills for interacting with your child or the children in your care.

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Toddlers: 18 months to 3 years

Toddlers are given freedom to explore their surrounding.

Our toddler classes are developed with a focus on providing an environment that honors the child's innate desire to explore and problem solve the world around them and in doing so developing the cognitive and physical skills they need to grow. This is best achieved through clever structure of the environment, rather than the child and interactive, dynamic group times which bookend the program with music, actions and hand-held apparatus.

Pre-Schoolers: 3 years to 5 years

Look what I can do!

Pre-schoolers still like to have the freedom to explore and problem solve the world around them. They also like to have time being challenged by their peers and carers. These little people are also starting to engage in activities with other children. This is best achieved by offering a mixture of structured skill development tasks alongside explorative activities, and group times working with their carer and friends, accompanied by small hand apparatus, games and music to keep them challenged and engaged.

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