5 Activities for Toddlers: Autumn

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The spectacular colours in an autumn sunset are akin to a natural fireworks display. Leaves changing, falling, whirling and swirling in the windy weather and the slow cooling down of the days. It’s the perfect time to be exploring your local streets and parks.

Autumn leaves are really fun teaching tools.

  • They fall slowly when you hold them up and release them, making them perfect for toddlers to catch.
  • Two feet jumping is much more fun when squashing crinkly orange leave.
  • You can hold a leaf above your toddler and encourage them to jump for the leaf.
  • Collect an array of different leaves: explore shapes and colours of the leaves, sort into piles
  • Raking leaves into a pile, alongside an adult, using a child sized rake. A pile is perfect for
    • Measure it using your footsteps: How high is you pile? How wide?
    • Taking a running start and leaping into!

Challenge activity

My favourite autumn activity though, is the leaf maze. Array the leaves into a maze, and practice heel-toe balancing (like tight-rope walking in the ‘blank space’) around the maze. What an awesome way to explore leaves in the backyard or park!

Let me know if you try the leaf maze and send the pics!

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