Our Kindergym Families: Meet Elly & Lennox

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Elly & Lennox

What do you love best about Kindergym?

I love the variety of equipment & the the family feel. It’s such a nice relaxed environment & I think you do an amazing job catering for all. I also love that we are supporting a small local business.

What does Lennox love best about Kindergym?

It changes with his age but lately he’s loving the soft toys & anything that spins!
He’s also a huge fan of the climbing frames.

What is your fave parenting tip?

That there’s no rule book to being a parent. Just do what works best for you & your child.

Your favourite out & about space?

We’re very lucky in where we live as we have lots of places we love to go…
Ballam Park, Bicentennial Park, Seaford beach in summer….the list is long!!

Your Fave thing about your little one?

His ability to make me roar with laughter every single day. He has the best sense of humour!

What is your fave family meal?

Lennox is a huge fan of spag bol & pretty much anything I eat as he knows how much I’m not a fan of sharing food…lucky I love him! LOL!