Village Wisdom: How to Surrender

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How to Surrrender

Some wisdom from a 21 month old little person, Ben. As interpreted by his Mama, Sophie.

– Start the day with sheer delight. See the loving face that greets you. Think of the possibilities that the new day brings. Imagine the joys to come. Breakfast! Dog! Milk! Shout your delight to the world.

– Crouch down and grasp the world’s smallest and most interesting things. Discover the feeling of squelching muddy leaves in your palm. Ponder a bug upon a branch. You’ve nowhere better to be (trust me).

– Move your body. Allow yourself to interact with the world around you through movement. Can you run along the footpath to follow that speedy bus? How fast can you reach the door when the bell rings? Feel the ground supporting you as you roll and crawl. Squeeze your loved ones with full body cuddles.

– Rest well, and use the time to connect. Always keep a warm body close by. Make sure you close your eyes to the sound of a heartbeat, and wake to loving arms.

– Keep your full attention on this moment. Every day that you grow older, the world will pull you further and in more directions, until, as an adult, the forces can seem insurmountable.
“This matters.”
“No this does.”
“No, this is the most important thing!”


*This* is the most important thing.

This, right here. The world through these perfect little eyes. Unblemished by fear or prejudice. Without distraction or self doubt.

A pure lesson in surrender. A daily challenge: to slow down, watch and listen.