Our Kindergym Families: Meet Ben, Bianca, Hudson & Leo

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What do you love best about Kindergym?

The support of Lisa and the other parents. Watching our kids grow and learn through play. Lisa brings such life, sincerity, warmth and wisdom to the sessions we are so lucky to have her.

What does the boys love best about Kindergym?

Hudson’s favourite thing is the ball pit. That or getting his stamp at the end. Leo loves the swing.

What is your fave parenting tip?

Under no circumstances EVER congratulate yourself or high five your partner because the moment you do, your child will stop doing whatever it was that was so great eg; sleeping through the night!

Your favourite out and about space.

The Frankston Botanical Gardens to feed the ducks.

What is your fave thing about your boys?

It’s hard to pick. We love Hudson’s enquiring mind and Leo’s determination.

Your fave family meal?

Anything that’s still hot and not cooked by us, preferably Nanny’s lamb roast


A note from Ben:

Hi Stay at Home Dad’s!
Please come and join the Australian Melbourne and Victoria Stay at Home Dad Group. The group is for Melbourne and all of Victoria. We will organise meet ups and provide support for members.

Stay at Home Dad’s Group Melbourne / Victoria