Celebrating Melbourne Cup with little ones

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Good luck, next week, to all that are taking part in the week long celebration of racing.

We wish you lots of fun.

Enjoying the Melbourne Cup With Children


If you are not heading off to Flemington, Cup day can still be a fun shindig with little kids.

Melbourne Cup is a perfect opportunity, similar to Halloween, Easter or Mother’s day to create a sense of occasion, a coming together and celebrating within your families lives. It doesn’t have to be a huge expensive affair for the celebration to be meaningful and fun for children. What’s most important, is that for an hour or so, you stop,  to be together with your little people, for a meal, without any electronic devices. Be truly present with each other: enjoying each other’s company.

1) Cook or prepare food together.

Share a meal with your little person or with family and friends. Take the time to listen to your little person’s jokes, watch their latest tricks, ideas or moves, take the opportunity to be silly and play if it arises.


2) Run your own Melbourne Cup:

Horse race against each other on hobby horses, broomsticks or whatever else you have on hand at your house. Don’t forget to add a  Steeple event: create objects for you to jump over on your hobby horses.


3) Do things differently:

-Go alfresco instead of inside to have Breakfast or lunch.

-Have chicken, pancakes or sandwiches for breakfast instead of cereal,

-Juice from  glasses instead of plastic cups,

-Avoid too much alcohol. Alcohol detracts from being present with your little person. It meets your needs, not your childs.

-Spend time with your little person creating a lovely table from nature in your backyard or from your neighbourhood

-working with your little people to let them decide how the table is set and decorated for the meal


These silly, but joyous events that happen on a recurring basis,  are events for children to anticipate and look forward to. These events are really simple ways of creating deep, lasting memories and laughs, that in turn bond you and your children deeply. It’s these memories that help to keep your families deeply connected in times of challenge.


Just a reminder that we are closed the Melbourne Public Holiday:  Cup day Tues 6th November.