Mother’s Day Minishoot

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My gals and I had our Mother’s Day Mini shoot! I was going to wait, as half my crew are OS and the rest “busy” – it had been so hard to get everyone together! So promoted by Miranda’s sage advice , as I so often am! (MM Advice: to not put things off until its perfect, just go ahead and do!) We just went on down, as is, with who ever was around from my girls. We had a fun evening, the girls got to do be athentic as they liked, not presure to perform for the camera, Miranda even managed to coax the most reluctant sibling! Yes, I only got 2 of of my 5 kids, but I was so happy I had it done, despite being exhusted on a late Fri Night! As those 2 are done! I will whisk the other’s off as soon as they resurface for more shoots! I thanks Miranda for her stunning work, and for creating a safe space that we feel fabulous & beautiful!
The Mothers mini Shoot day is now just 2 saturdays away!
Sat April 24th!
Yes- you Book online, you do not need to talk to any one!
A Mother’s Day minishoot is $175 and includes:
* 15 minute photo session (in Carrum Downs)
* Two 8″ x 12″ prints in 11″ x 14″ standing mats (one for you, one for mum!)
* And as always – all the insta-worthy images are included as both social media ready and high resolution digital files (8+ photos)