Jungle: the home of animal superpowers

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I love animal themes! Animals have such an amazing array of superpowers that we as humans can only dream of. From super strength, speed, camouflage, crush proof bodies, deadly poison or the ability to deconstruct a being in a few hours (fire ants) there is so much to explore. These are real superpowers that kids can explore and engage with, providing rich experiences. Animals are a fun way to provide opportunities for aural and oral language experiences, fabulous for exploring the scientific concepts of sorting and classification and for providing experiences that link the child more deeply into connection to the world around them.

How do you think that animal might move? How else could that animal get around? Show me what that looks like? Did you notice what colour that animal is? Is it easy to see or does blend in with the jungle surroundings. I wonder why that animal has those patterns? I can see….. What patterns can you find?

Have a feel of that animal. What do you think it would feel like? What type of skin does that animal have? I wonder what other animals also have that types of skin? Do you think that the animal’s skin might have secret superpowers? I think this animal might have a really tough skin that is hard to break (Rhino).

What foods do you think that animal might enjoy? How would they find their food? What might they have to do to get their food? How would you feel having to work that hard to find food?

I wonder what sounds that animal might make? A big sound, small sound, no sound? Is it high pitched or a low deep noise?

What other questions worked well to engage in conversation and discovery with your little people?















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