Sensory Play: Jungle Themed

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Animal Washing Station:
One of our favourite sensory play ideas is summarised beautifully on Where Imagination Grows.

All you need is a vessel to hold water, some bubbles if you please, a scrubber brush and/or wash cloth, some jungle animals and a towel!

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Jelly with Jungle Animals:
Make some green and blue Jelly for your plastic jungle/safari animals to play with such as hippos, frogs, fish and reptiles: snakes, crocs and lizards! I love jelly, it is an amazing substance: wibbly wobbly and it tastes great. Add water, warm it up, watch it cool, squish it, there is so much to explore: just don’t expect it stay in the bowl!

Jungle bath:
Growing a Jewelled Rose has beautiful bath ideas. How about a bath filled with safe plants, grass, leaves and flowers, a magnifying glass, plastics animals and maybe a few drops of essential oil? Use bath paints or crayons to draw pictures on the tiles of trees and animals! Inspired by the rainforest bath featured here:

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Send through your jungle play sensory ideas. What works for your little person?

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